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Miscellaneous Photos

These photos were taken when the battalion was forming. This area is used to showcase images which are generic in nature.

First Inspection Day (2017)

These photos were taken on our First Inspection Day. The kids were awesome, they did a great job in getting ready for the inspection.

Coast Guard Visit (2017)

This was our first battalion outing. We went to Cape Canaveral to visit with the Coast Guard station located there. The reference for the event is here.

Swearing In Ceremony (2017)

This was our swearing in ceremony. The kids were so excited. The ability to know that you belong to something bigger than yourself is a real learning experience.

Memorial Day (2017)

We were proud to participate in these proceedings – everyone demonstrated their commitment to the battalion and honored our Vets.

Bonefrog (2017)

This was a fun experience for the kids, mixing physical exercise with teamwork and friendship.

Summer Training (2017)

These pictures were taken as part of our first summer training exercise. All the kids who participated did a great job – well done.