Chiefs’ Corner

Cadets achieving PO1 are eligible to seek advancement to Chief Petty Officer (“CPO”). Accomplishment of this advancement requires dedication and hard work. In addition to class work, physical fitness and minimum age, CPO candidates must also have attended POLA and be accepted and serve as a Staff Cadet at either an NSCC Recruit Training or an NLCC Orientation Training as well as attend an Advanced Training. It is recommended, that those seeking to promote to CPO apply to serve as a Staff Cadet during their PO1 summer. This will also serve as an eligible Advanced Training for PO1.​

We may advance cadets to Chief Petty Officer (E7) when the following requirements are met:

1) Complete coursework for Chief Petty Officer. 

2) Complete Staff Cadet Duty in a leadership position at either NSCC Recruit Training or NLCC Basic Orientation after the completion of Petty Officer Leadership Academy (POLA). If Staff Cadet Duty was used to satisfy the training requirement for advancement to PO1, another Advanced Training must be completed.

3) Pass Physical Readiness Test (PRT) in past 6 months. 

4) Have reached at least 16 years of age.